From Conference Co-chairs

Dear Colleagues,

Delegates of previous GMC conferences experienced six fascinating conferences in a row so far; the first one in Shanghai, the second and the sixth one in Tokyo, the third one in Seoul, the fourth one in Singapore, and the fifth one in Hong Kong: it will be difficult to top them! However, some years ago “loyal” GMC participants experienced a wonderful time in Seoul and unique Korean hospitality so that it will be a great pleasure to return to this fascinating city.

As in previous years, the organization of the conference lies in the hands of the Korean Scholars of Marketing Science and this team definitively demonstrated that they know how to run such a project. Therefore, it is only up to the worldwide marketing community to join this great event, to contribute by presenting interesting research projects, and to enjoy this part of the world. I invite all of you, especially scholars who have not been to Seoul yet, to attend the 2020 GMC conference!

Of course, this is primarily a conference on marketing issues intended stimulating the exchange of scientific ideas, the comprehension of the diversity of various academic approaches and the discussion of the challenges and the opportunities facing our discipline. This broad perspective implies that colleagues with related expertise are welcome as well and are invited to present their research results and participate in discourses under common topics. Bringing together global knowledge and expertise developed in various areas should foster inspirational and innovational capabilities of all participants. The conference also offers a chance to become acquainted with yet unknown colleagues or even to establish new friendships or to start new trans-national research projects.

As a 2020 GMC Co-chair, I look forward to your participation and meeting you in Seoul!

With kind regards,

Udo Wagner, Ph.D.
Conference Co-chair
2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul
Past President of European Marketing Academy
Professor of Management
University of Vienna, Austria